Turtle Vine Callisia Repens

succulent banana

Turtle Vine Callisia Repens

“Looks great in a hanging basket with its purple undersides. One of the easiest plants to propagate.


Allow the soil to nearly dry between the waterings. Drying out for a short time will be tolerated, but these plants typically grow in moist, well draned soil. They are quiet resilient plant, so very easy to care for.


Full to partial shade. Its more compact and I love the color it brings out in full sun. Loss of variegations and leggy inter-nodes are caused by too little light.


They propagate easily through vine cuttings. Choose the parts with aerial roots already. I then just put it over the soil (not sticking the stems in) and water. I keep that pot in a shade for 2-3 days or until the cuttings ‘stood up’ in the direction of the sun and rooted themselves in the soil. On of the easiest plants to propagate.

succulent banana

Photo Credit: IG.com/rikki.banks_



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