Sanseveria Moonshine

Sanseveria Family

“The perfect starter house plant.”


If kept indoors,  water every 2 weeks or just wait till soil dries. If its outside during the heat of summer, I water mine as much as twice a day. Again, depending on your location. But generally, this plant is drought tolerant.


Grows fast in full sun. But still thrives if kept in low light. Sanseverias are tough plants. Doesn’t even have humidity specifics. Its so hard to kill a sanseveria. Which makes it the perfect beginner plant.


It shoots baby plants on the sides, so its best to propagate by separation. If you’re too excited to propagate, sanseveria’s leaf cuttings can also be used, no differenece in this Moonshine variety. Just wait for it to callous over before putting it in the soil.

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sanseveria moonshine


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