Sanseveria Laurentii

dwarf sanseveria

Sanseveria Family

“Grows well in poor conditions.”


Sanseverias are drought tolerant. Its better err on the dry side than wet specially if you’re keeping them indoors. Allow soil to dry between waterings, then water deeply until it drips through the drainage hole.


Thrives in any lighting conditions that makes it a popular houseplant. Filtered light brings out the colors on the leaves, intense light may cause the edges of the leaves to yellow.


It shoots baby plants on the sides, so its best to propagate by separation. If you’re too excited to propagate, sanseveria’s leaf cuttings can also be used. wait of the cutting to calloused over then stick it into well draining soil. Water sparingly. It will root and give off new shoots a couple a weeks later.

Photo Credit: worldofsucculents

sanseveria moonshine


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