Anancampseros Sunrise

succulent banana

Anacampseros Sunrise

“A beautiful mix of bright green and rose blush, all tied together in an easy to care for, compact succulent plant.


Like with other succulents, underwatering is always better than overwatering. The roots are very prone to rot and, as such, the plants should be watered sparingly and grown in extremely well-draining soil. During the cold months around December to February in Mtero Manila, they should be watered even less, only when the soil is bone dry.


Despite being native to Africa, sunrise succulents are not very tolerant of direct sunlight or intense heat. They perform best in bright, indirect sunlight with temperate conditions and lots of air flow.

If you notice that your plant is stretching out or appears elongated, it indicates that your plant is struggling to find a spot where it can receive sunlight.


By offset: Look for the ones that are larger and have some roots on them. A pup that doesn’t have roots will grow roots over time, but that will make the process take a lot longer. Leaves can be propagated too.

succulent banana

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